Bafang BBS wiring harness DRB-M

Display, Regulator and 1 Brake
custom made wiring harness for Bafang BBS motor - Display, Regulator and 1 Magura-Brake
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8-poliger HIGO-Z812-S Steckverbinder Motor - 8-pole HIGO-Z812-S connector motor
5-poliger HIGO-S5-B Steckverbinder Display - 5-pole HIGO-S5-B connector display
3-poliger HIGO-S3-B Steckverbinder Regler - 3-pole HIGO-S3-B connector Regulator
2-poliger HIGO-B2-B Steckverbinder Magura-Bremse - 2-pole HIGO-B2-B connector Magura-Brake
custom made wiring harness for Bafang BBS motor - WITHOUT throttle


Do you have an e-bike or pedelec with a Bafang BBS middle motor?

Pic.1 - Bafang BBS01 / BBS02 typ motor / controller

For this we can make you a wiring harness with Display, Throttle and 1 x Brake connectors.


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