These conditions apply to all contracts, deliveries and other services.


I. Orders and contracts

Goods can be ordered by clicking the respective fields automatically, but also in writing an email to us.
Orders are usually placed:

  • by clicking on the respective fields.
  • after a detailed correspondence, where the customer expresses his needs and ideas in the first instance. In most cases this is followed by advice that ends in a bilateral agreement.


Furthermore, please note the following:

  • All contracts and/or agreements with our customers must be in writing, preferably by email.
  • We always reserve the right to accept the contract.
  • We always confirm your order in writing by email.
  • Our order confirmation does not constitute our acceptance of the order.
  • Supplements and/or additions are only binding if they are confirmed by us in writing.


II. Shipping and delivery

  • Shipping rates are calculated according to total weight and destination, accordingly all options indicated when checking out are possible.
  • If the customer chooses insured shipping, then this is guaranteed by us. Should we send the goods instead in a goods-letter, the insurance of the shipment will be borne by us. The contract is considered fulfilled with the acceptance of the goods by the customer or his representative.
  • For insured, but undelivered or lost consignments we only apply for an investigation into the matter after 21 days.
  • If the shipment is rejected by the customer, or the shipment cannot be delivered by the delivery service and is returned to us, the customer is liable for the cost of shipping and return shipping.
  • Fixed delivery dates shall only be deemed agreed to if they are expressly confirmed by us. Should there be delays caused by force majeure or other involuntary or unforeseen events, we will inform the customer immediately. Here, the customer and we have the right to withdraw from the contract after a reasonable time.


III. Shipping cost


Europe is devided in 3 seperate zones:

Shipping to some countries is currently limited. Should there be no shipping options displayed at the checkout, please contact us.

  • The cost of shipping is calculated at the checkout and can vary according to the type of service you wish and the location of the shipments destination.
  • All available options shown are valid.


Shipping to USA - Canada - Australia and New Zealand

The cost for shipments is:

  • up to 0,25 kg is EUR 6,72 - max EUR 50,00
  • up to 0,5 kg is EUR 7,56 - max EUR 50,00
  • up to 1 kg is EUR 36,90 (US & CA) and EUR 53,80 (AU & NZ) - max EUR 500,00
  • up to 2 kg is EUR 47,30 (US & CA) and EUR 70,10 (AU & NZ) - max EUR 500,00


IV. Packaging

We are registered with LUCID packaging register - DE1346897004339




Q - You sometimes are offering multiple shipping options. How do I choose the right one?

A - The system offers you all valid options. All options shown are insured shipping.


Q - Wo does your shipping?

A – All shipping is done with DHL.


Q - Do I get a tracking Nr?

A – Yes.


Q – My shipment seems to be stuck in the mail. Can you look into this?

A – Yes, but only after a period of time, generally 3 weeks (21 days) from the shipment date.


Q – 3 weeks are gone, and I have not received my shipment. What happens now?

A – We will refund your money in whole, under the premission that you either pay us if you receive the original shipment or return the original shipment to us at your expense.


Q – Can you send me a second shipment?

A – Yes. You can place a second order. We treat each order/shipment separately.


Q – Do you pay for the second shipment?

A – Sorry, no. You need to pay the cost of the shipment again. It's a separate order.


Q – What if I receive the original shipment before the second shipment arrives and then reject the second shipment?

A – You still pay for the return shipment, which costs the same as the original shipment cost.