MS-T8-4444-6 Multisplitter
#DE Multisplitter-Gehäuse MS-T8-4444-6 #EN Multisplitter housing MS-T8-4444-6
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Our Multisplitter-series MS-T allows you to cover spliced signal cable connections with a housing and then use a hotmelt gun to pot the connection, making it dust- and waterproof.

The Multisplitter-housing consists of an upper and lower shell. The upper housing shell has an injection port with a funnel to seat the injection nozzle and some venting holes. Our 3D-Logo on the lower housing shell ensures that the closed housing is well-balanced during the injection process when placed on a hard, flat surface.

The MS-T8-4444-6 Multisplitter is suitable for the connection of 5 Signal cables with a diameter of 4 x 4 mm and 1 x 6 mm and up to 15 spliced wires.

For a professional potting of the housing we recommend the black potting compound C20874S.