4-pole HIGO extension cable
4-pole HIGO Mini-B extension cable
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4-pole HIGO Mini-B extension cable


Our HIGO Mini-B extension cables type HIGO-VK can be ordered in your desired custom length from 150 mm to 2000 mm.

With the HIGO-VK4, 2 HIGO Mini-B connectors with molded-on cable, here a HIGO-S4 plug and a HIGO-B4 socket, are usually connected in the middle.

The connection of the two cable ends is done by soldering according to RoHS guidelines. By enclosing the soldered section with a plastic housing and injecting a plastic compound, the connection becomes dust- and waterproof in accordance with protection class IP67.

Be sure to specify the total length L (in mm) in the box above. The length specifications for L1 and L2 are optional.