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HIGO Mini-B series cable connectors are sold with a standard lenght of 1000mm, or 1m. The connector and the cable are pre-assembled and then overmolded to reach a product rating of IP66.

The drawback here is that in order to make custom lenght extension cables, the cables has to be spliced somewhere, which leaves a small but visible lumpy section usually in the middle along its lenght. Also threading a cable through a frame requires a larger sized hole, with a pre-molded plug already pre-assembled on the cable.

We came up with the HIGO Mini-B series panelmount connector bell housing HIGO-PB-4, a PA-12 plastic housing that screws on to the rear threaded section of the HIGO Mini-B series panelmount connector. Simply slip the bell housing over the cable end, solder the wires to the connector and screw on the bell housing. Inject hotmelt glue into the assembly to seal the connector.

Here the detailed description on how to use a panelmount bell housing to make your own extension cable, in this case a 3-pole cable with one male and one female panelmount connector:

In a first step, prepare the cable ends. Remove 18mm of the cable mantle, and 5mm wire insolation from each wire. Solder and trim the wire ends, then place them into the appropiate contact groove, solder and isolate.



In the second step the wires are soldered to the contacts and isolated with 10mm lengths of heat shrink tubing:



The third and last step entails the assembly of the connectors and sealing the connector with a standard hotmelt gun:



Here the result - A HIGO-VK3 extension cable WITHOUT any spliced section: