In this article we compare the most popular of waterproof e-bike connectors, the 6 mm round connector type. This connector is widely used on e-bikes worldwide, and manufactured by several companies competing for their marketshare. HIGO is represented with its Mini-B Series of connectors, Julet with its Generation-1 round connectors.

The connector diameter is measured inside the male connectors housing:

6 mm round e-bike connector

measuring the male 6 mm round e-bike connector

The matching female connector measures only 5.9 mm in order to fit the male housing:

6 mm female connector

measuring the female 6 mm round e-bike connector


Where do the connectors differ?

If you lay the 2 male connectors side by side, it allows you to view the differences:

male 6 mm HIGO and JULET connectors

 6 mm round connectors: HIGO (left side) and JULET (right side)

The HIGO male connector has a somewhat larger collar, with a larger champfer in front to allow the female connector's lip to use the champfer as a ramp when inserting the connector. It is also the reason why HIGO connectors hold on tighter and are a touch more resistent to water entry.

TIP: Use some bowstring wax to lubricate the collar, making it easier for the soft female lip to slide over it. This also allows for easier pulling apart the connectors, at the same time making it ever more water resistant.

Here a cross-sectional view of the male connectors:

male connector dimensions

HIGO - JULET Gen-1 male connector dimensions

And here the female connector cross-sections:

female connector dimensions

HIGO - JULET Gen-1 female connector dimensions


So, what happens, when we put the male and female connectors together?

Here the HIGO connection:

HIGO connection

HIGO female with HIGO male connection

And here the JULET Gen-1 connection:

JULET connection

JULET Gen-1 female with JULET Gen-1 male connection


So far, so good.

But what if we swap connectors, like use the female JULET Gen-1 and the male HIGO Mini-B connector?

Julet female and HIGO male connector

JULET female and HIGO male connector

Likewise, with the HIGO Mini-B female and the JULET Gen-1 male connector?

HIGO female and JULET male connector

 HIGO Mini-B female and JULET Gen-1 male connector



HIGO Mini-B and JULET Gen-1 size 6 mm round connectors are compatible.

These connectors are color coded and come as 2-, 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-pole versions. HIGO has these connectors available as panelmount type connectors. These can be used with ET's housing bell HIGO-PB HIGO-PB to make a waterproof cable connector yourselfa waterproof cable connector yourself.