The beauty of HIGO Mini-B connectors is that they are available as panelmount connectors.

Instead of a connector dangling at the end of a cable coming out of the Cycle Analyst V3 rear housing, we wanted the connector directly fitted into the housing, To be able to use HIGO Mini-B panelmount connectors, the original rear housing of the Cycle Analyst was discarded and a new one was designed. The new rear housing hat to perfectly fit the original upper housing part of the Cycle Analyst, and had to be made from a durable and weatherproof material.

The main cable was retained as a cable connector, but has a reduced overall lenght of 500 mm. We use an 8-pole HIGO main cable connector, adding another 2 wires to it, and assigned them to be used for NTC (temperature signal) and EBK (brake signal).

Another major design factor was the requirement to be able to use up to 10 customisable panelmount connectors, 6 facing downwards and 3 on each side of the housing. The CX model was born, C for custom and X the Roman numeral for 10. 10 custom options.

Cycle Analyst V3 with HIGO panelmount connectors fitted

The standard model CA3-CX has the following connectors fitted:

  1. right side, top - HIGO-B3-BP - EBK (brake signal right brake)
  2. right side, centre - HIGO-S3-BP - ThI (throttle input)
  3. right side, bottom - plugged
  4. left side, top - HIGO-B3-BP - EBK (brake signal leftt brake)
  5. right side, centre - HIGO-S3-BP with blue marking - AUX (potentiometer input)
  6. right side, bottom - plugged
  7. bottom 1 - HIGO-B2-BP - Sp (speed signal)
  8. bottom 2 - HIGO-B5-BP - programming the Cycle Analyst
  9. bottom 3 - HIGO-B6-BP - Torque, PAS, Dir (pedal sensor)
  10. bottom 4 - plugged

The programming connector is fitted with a HIGO-BC protection cap.

Also included are a GORE pressure equalising valve and a set of specially developed handlebar quick fit clamps to mount the Cycle Analyst CA3-CX centrally in your field of vision.