For all these years the Standard Cycle Analyst has been wired with JST-SM series cable connectors, the exeption being the programming jack, the power jack and the speed sensor. The original Cycle Analyst V3 model CA3-DP has 5 cables entering the rear housing, the model CA3-DPS has one additional cable with a speed sensor hardwired to the board.

The JST connectors were also the Standard in the aftermarket e-bike electrics, most stuff imported from Asia had it fitted ex works. You could buy them cheaply, get a crimper and off you went.

Unfortunately, using them made your e-bike prone to breakdowns in the wet.

For years there were only industrial type connectors available should you wish to improve on the situation. Good, smaller ones were expensive and the wires had to be soldered to the contacts.

In the last few years, HIGO connectors appeared on factory e-bikes. They are small, sleek and watertight to IP67. Best of all, they are reasonably priced and have taken since inroads into the aftermarket.

Sooner or later it had to happen. A technical brilliant device at board level, but with some real drawbacks on the wiring side, met with a technical superior connector to turn it into a reliable and functional interface between human und machine.

The Main cable of the CA3 measures about 1.5 m in lenght and is terminated with a JST-S6 male connector. This has been changed to a 500 mm long HIGO-S8 in order to integrate the Temperature and Speed sensors into the main cable.

Throttle and AUX - the JST-B3 connectors have been changed to HIGO-S3 male connectors, with the AUX connector cable having a blue marker.

Brake - changed from a JST-B4 to a HIGO-B3 connector.

Speed - Now an option: a HIGO-B2 at the rear CA housing for an external sensor or via the main cable from your Controller etc.

Torque, PAS and Dir - from a JST-B5 it changed to a HIGO-B6 to provide an optional +5V and +10V if required.

Programming - changed from a 3.5 mm open jack to a HIGO-B5 to make it watertight to IP67.


The next level - HIGO Mini-B panelmount connectors