Working with HIGO connectors




HIGO cable connectors are produced in a 2-step process.

In a first step, the wires of the cable are attached to the contacts of the connector, either by soldering or by crimping. They are then inserted into the hard plastic part of the connector, which is usually colored to indicate the number of contacts the connector has.

In the second step, the pre-assembled cable connector is inserted into a molding tool and then overmolded with a soft plastic compound.

This process ensures that the cable connector can reach an IP 67 (Ingress Protection)-rating, where 6 is completely dust tight and 7 is water tight when sprayed with a powerful water jet or immersed in water between 15 cm and 100 cm in depth for 30 minutes. The standard length of the cable is 1000 mm.

Because of this manufacturing technique HIGO cable connectors must be used in a different way when making an extension cable, a Y-cable or a complete wiring harness for your e-bike.



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