1 - How to make an extension cable with HIGO cable connectors


a) Working out the measurements

In this example, we are going to make a 500 mm long extension cable from a HIGO-B2-B 2-pole female cable connector and a HIGO-S2-B 2-pole male cable connector, both of the HIGO Mini-B series. We will locate the cable joint is in the middle of the extension cable. That would be 250 mm each for the female and the male cable connectors. The connector lenght is included in the overall lenght, measure from the outer end of the connector. Because there is an overlap of about 5 mm where the wires lie alongside each other to get soldered, we need to add these 5 mm to one of our cables. As a rule, we choose the male cable connector. That leaves us with a a female HIGO cable connector measuring 250 mm and a male HIGO cable connector measuring 255 mm.

Note that by using this method, the minimum overall lenght of the extension cable is 150 mm, the maximum length 2000 mm.


b) Preparing the cable ends

In a first step, you need to prepare the cable ends of the HIGO cable connectors. For that, strip 18 mm of cable mantle from the female connector and 20 mm of cable mantle from the end of the male connector cable.

Next, strip 4 mm of wire insulation from each individual lead. Bend the individual leads outwards and gently twist each of the exposed wire bundle with your thumb and forefinger. Clamp into your holding tool and pre-solder each twisted wire bundle. When all leads are pre-soldered, pull them straight again and trim the wires to an equal lenght.


c) Joining the cable ends

Prepare the heat shrink tubing by cutting the required number of pieces to 13 mm in lenght.

Start by bending back all but the black lead on each cable. Place a 13 mm piece of heat shrink tubing on the straight black lead of the male cable connector. Align the pre-soldered section of the matching ends and apply some additional solder. Let the joint cool down before slipping the piece of heat shrink tubing centrally over the soldered section. Carefully apply heat to the shrinking tube sealing off the soldered joint. Repeat this process on all leads.


d) Enclosing the cable joint

To isolate and protect the cable joint, enclose the section with the appropiate Multisplitter. Gently inject the potting compound until it exudes from the ventilation holes of the Multisplitter. Carefully withdraw the potting compound applicator and let the excess potting compound cool down.


e) Finishing off the cable joint

Cut away the excess potting compound with a knive, then briefly reheat the section to only melt the surface of the trimmed section.



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